Wider video deletion than selected?


2 days ago I decided to delete a few videos (I use keyboard that is way easier/faster) but after I did it I noticed that much more files has been deleted than the one I selected (including a parent folder 20121216 so I do have 20121215 and 20121217 but no 20121216 anymore).

At the beginning I thought I made some mistake but today it happened again I went to Gallery (list mode) scrolled down a bit (no selection), selected a first video then moved down a lot because of too many fasle alerts during the night (scroll down key) and deleted them (delete key) but it also deleted all the first video ?!

This is a weird and very dangerous situation.

Don’t know how to reproduce the problem “on demand”.


It is a first time for everything. After selected files for deletion right click on the mouse and then Remove.

I mean there is a problem in the user interface that produce this problem but I don’t know how to reproduce it, all I did was to do keyboard multi selection in a list, but as NetcamStudio do not follow standard Windows keyboard shortcuts and also sometimes the multi selection thru mouse react strangely may be the problem is here.

Example of non standard keyboard’s reaction, in gallery [list mode] if you press HOME or END key it goes to first or last column of selected item instead of first or last item on the list. This is non sense as columns are not editable so it is useless to let them selectale.

Looks like NetcamStudio is using DevExpress compoenent so this beahvior can be disabled easy back to “normal”.

Another GUI little problem is that it seems that by default ths sort is revers date (that’s fine as it is the most usefull) but this is not shown in column header (no little arrow) but if you click on date column header then the arrow appear.

I also wanted to compare selected items count with how many files were physically deleted but as there is no selection info (number + total size) it’s difficult to check (that is also a usefull missing info feature when you do some cleaning).

Thanks, I forward this!


I finally can reproduce the bug on demand !!! now I know how NS deleted all my recent videos before I could had a chance to check if I wanted to keep them or not :rage: :rage: :rage:

How to reproduce the problem (machine running NS under Win10, not tested if same behavior happen under Win7 or other Win version) :

  • Go to Library (list view mode),
  • click the second or third or fourth video as you want,
  • scroll down until the view list is updated with a new pack of 48 videos (“Loaded” counter vlaue will increase)
  • shift-click on any video you have on sight (the selection extends to the item you shift-clicked)
  • scroll up (or CTRL+HOME) to go back to the very top
  • now you see that ALL video files from the very beginning has been selected.

So if you “remove” or press Delete Key then ALL selected videos from the very top, down to the last selected one will be deleted !

Explanation : (my guess as a developer) when the new bunch of 48 videos are added to the list, this List View content is refreshed but the previous SelectedItemIndex value is lost and set to #0 then if you shift-click it will select all videos starting from Item #0 whenever you never started your selection from Item #0 and you can see it just by selecting one video, scroll down until new videos are aded to the list, scroll up and your video is no more selected.


Excellent! It takes a developer to do this systematically and finding the bug.
Thanks a lot and this will of cause help our developers to fix this!

Once again I lost a lot of video today when doing my “weekly cleaning” but what is strange is that it deleted a huge range of videos but not from the very begining like “usual” bug (I took big attention to this bug since then and never had unwanted deletetion again), may be there is another behavior, I don’t know, fortunately I only use NCS for test with no important videos record.

edit : if fact it was the bug I think because the videos at the very begining where new ones that appeared when I was reviewing all other videos so they were not in the original “unwanted” selection.

Bugfix is on the way .

1.4.0 beta 2 did not fix the problem I just killed a full day video at once :frowning:

And also when you use gallery in List mode and your mouse have no wheel you cannot scroll down more than 48 previous video.

I am really feeling bad to answer on this, but you are correct. That is not fixed. This version 1.4.0 is not officially released yet so redo. This is not an excuse, but i would have hoped that you have been a little bit more careful and tested in a small scale since the consequences are big. Sorry, for this.
However, the last part I can do even if it takes some time to update the list.


As I said I am using NetcamStudio on non-vital videos so it is “unconvevient” but not a big deal…only annoying…

But I did not loose videos because I wanted to test if this problem was fixed “on purpose” I just “forgot” about the problem :wink:

For the scroll in list mode I mean you can load only 48 at a time but at least if a user click on bottom arrow in scrollbar or press down key it should load next bunch of videos because for example on my Laptop I have only touchpad and no mouse wheel at all so I cannot list more than the forst 48 videos.

In fact I think the Gallery part need a few enhancements to be “usable” when you have to deal with a lot of video and need to review/clean them “quick” like me once per week.

I already made aprogram for that and could use it to check inside Netcamstudio video folders but then I get lot of broken entries in Netcamstudio gallery because there is no something like “resync database” option (you have to use some trick you told me about a few weeks ago).

Of course I could also deal with the SQLite database my self and create such “resync” feature :wink:

And you know what take a minute and relax watching my Peony’s one-day Timelapse and see how they live and move during a sunny day… amazing (not made with NS sorry)



Just a quick one. There is now a re-indexing feature. Go to Configuration -> Library and there you can click on Reindex Database.
That was beautiful. However, I got a little stressed since they closed so quickly :slight_smile: That can be done in NCS.

Yes I know NCS inlcude a TimeLape feature but this one is made directly with a RasPi+RaspiCam I “dedicated” to follow the growth of the Peony but I’ll will publish soon a longer video with more than one day only :slight_smile:

Thanks for the info about reindex feature i’ll test it !

1.5.x new gallery mode is finally usable ! I mean it is now much closer to “standard” way of using such view mode.

One thing about the download button, why not put it also in right-click context menu ? Also copy/paste or drag&drop into explorer’s windows would be much more efficient than destination’s folder selection dialog, especially if you have to copy videos files into different directories, so if you open 2 or 3 Explorer folders next to NCS main window it would be easy and much faster to drag&drop into them.

You could also manage the context menu showing “recent” destination folder’s.

But anyway before 1.5.x gallery was a pain to use and now it is “as expected”, that’s good.

Great that the new library manager view corresponds to your expectation.

the right-click context menu is gone, it made no sense to have a menu for each element with a single entry into it.

The idea of drag / drop is interesting and I suppose shouldn’t be that complicated now that we anyway have the mechanism for downloading the videos from the library, we’ll dig a bit to see if we can find an easy way to do it.