Windows 10 and Orbit AF

Has anybody had any luck using the PTZ features of a Logitech Orbit AF webcam with Windows 10? P and T (no Z) worked with XP and Windows 7 but after upgrading to Windows 10, none of those features work. I have both a Toshiba Satellite and a Dell Inspiron 11 with Orbit AFs connected.

I have also tried Netcam Studio on the Dell, and the PTZ does not work there either. It works with the Logitech software, just not any of the WebCam software. As far as I know, the Logitech software is as up to date as possible.



Hi there!
If you have not done this already, uninstall the software completely. Remove also the configuration files in the ProgramData folder and all corresponding files in folder Program Files /x86. Then install again. We have noticed an issue with this before. I hope it helps.

Thank you for your suggestion. I uninstalled the program and deleted the whole folder called webcam 7 in the ProgramData folder. I was not sure what you meant by the configuration files. I looked in Program Files /x86 and didn’t see anything to delete. (I don’t know much about PCs.). I then reinstalled the program. It is still the same; the camera doesn’t respond. I also reinstalled the Logitech software.

Any other suggestions?

Thank you.

Netcam Studio focus on controlling IP cams so controlling USB cams using is very limited due to the programming language. Webcam is much better for that.
I am really not sure how I can help since it seems to be the windows 10 that causes the problem. Do a search here in the forum on Logitech Orbit and you may find some solution. Make sure the driver for the Logitech cam is for win 10.

I had the logitech orbit without AF. But the driver should be the same. Its a longt time ago, that i had installed it on win10. I had extract the setupfile, so that i had acess to the driver directly. Then i had installed the driver manual by selecting driver …inf (have a driver). then the cam looks correct on win 10

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