Windows 10 app for watching camera stream?

Can anyone suggest an app for Windows 10, that let me see my web cam in a small window?
The app should support MJPEG or Flash.
Today I can only see my web cam from a web browser. But then it will be in a quite large window, since the browser’s all surrounding information around the camera window is impractical.
I just want a small window where I can see what my web cam watching.
I’ve tried a few such apps in the Windows Store, but I managed not to get any of them to show my camera stream.

Am grateful if anyone can come up with good tips.

Hi Jonny!
You are talking about web cam which usually is USB. I assume you mean IP cams. I have installed the app called ONVIFER for windows 10. You have it in win store so you might have tested it already. I use it for mjpeg and rtsp streams from surveillance cams. It´s not the optimal one, but as you say it is difficult to find. Another one that I like a lot is tinyCam Monitor PRO For PC (Windows And Mac). It is primarily an app for android but you can also run it in windows. I have not tested that.


Hi Henrik,

many thanks for good suggestions.
The IP Sentcom, you suggested was working fine. Even though my camera is not an IP camera but an USB.
I have not tested yet to install some Android OS on my PC such as:

I am also looking for an app that can show the video stream with flash, since this will also output the audio stream.

Hi again,
Unfortunately, I do not know that much about Flash. But, don´t you need your own Flash Media Server to stream video/audio.