Windows 10 Toast Notification

Is there a way for the client to get a windows 10 toast notification from the server that motion was detected? or if a camera disconnects?

I purchased a 16 source license to replace ISpy, but that is a feature I miss.

Thanks, great product, I’m really enjoying it over ISpy…


Hi Lucas,
Thanks for the positive word. We really like NCS too :slight_smile:
Windows 10 toast notification is really not on top of my knowledge list so I might be on thin ice here. However, I can describe how NCS alerts when motion is detected and a camera cannot be reached.

  1. motion is detected. There are 2 ways. Either by email or by Push notification to the App.
    For email:
    First enable email notification

    Now you will receive an email when any of the cams detects a motion
    If you want an email for a specific cam you need to set a Rule in the Rule Manager

If you want a Push notice in the App you enable that the first you connect to NCS from the App. You need also to enable that in the Rule Manager

  1. If NCS lost communication with a camera you need to set a Rule to send an email or Push notification

If this is not what you had in mind, please alert me and I will contact our developers.

Hello Henrick,

Thanks for the prompt reply.

That’s not exactly what I was referring to. Email is too slow and a push notification to my phone isn’t good enough if I don’t have my phone in front of me.

I sit in front of six monitors. On one of the ancillary monitors I have my grid of cameras. When motion is detected, or a camera disconnects, I want to receive a toast notification in Windows. See:

For example, when I get an email in Outlook when Outlook is minimized, I get this in the bottom right hand corner of my window, and then it disappears, notifying me that I should open Outlook at check my mail:

That notification tells me I need to look at my cameras.

You can do it with a PowerShell plugin and script:, but the problem there is that I want it to happen on the client that is connected to the server, not the server itself. And since the server is on the LAN, but on a different domain, PowerShell Remoting isn’t a good enough option for me.

If the client is .NET, you can reference this example:

It is referred to as a Taskbar notification or Balloon Tip in iSpy:

Does that make more sense?


Hi Lucas,
Thanks for additional information. I suspected something like this :slight_smile: Yes, that for sure looks interesting to have. I have added this to our list of new features. If it’s not to complicated or interfere with something else I hope we can have it soon.

Thanks Henrick,

Are there release notes or anything that will let me know that it is included in a new version? Is there a way to tell if a new version is out there?

Also, it does appear the client is written in .NET, so if I can contribute, let me know.


We usually announce it on Facebook and also in this forum.
Yes, NCS is written in .NET and I will forward your offer to contribute.