Windows 11 feedback with NCS

Just thought I would provide some feedback regarding using Netcam Studio with Windows 11. A few weeks ago, my server failed, so I took the opportunity to buy a new one. Fresh install of Windows 10, and immediate upgrade to Windows 11, followed by a fresh install of Netcam Studio, not forgetting to set the service to “Delayed Start”, and disable all power saving settings and screen saver etc. Once I had added my 7 cameras (one Wi-Fi, 6 wired), I noticed it seemed to be smoother and better quality images / videos, even though I used identical settings to my previous install. Very occasionally, the Wi-Fi camera would disconnect (cheap camera), but would re-connect itself around 5-10 minutes later. So far, on Windows 11, I’ve only had it disconnect once, and it reconnected within 30 seconds. Overall it seems to run perfectly. I have Windows 11 set to take all updates automatically, and reboot automatically as and when needed (so little or no input required from myself). It’s been about a month now, no issues to report, and NCS seems to marry nicely with Windows 11. Hoping to upgrade to NCS v2 whenever that comes out :slight_smile: Keep up the good work @Henrik and team…!


Hi Tony,
Thank you very much for this valuable feedback and the sheering :slight_smile:
First, when writing this text Netcam Studio is not officially approved for Windows 11.
However, I have been running NCS on Windows 11 for about a year now and I agree that it seems to work very well with WIndows 11.
Henrik with team.

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@Henrik Not sure if it makes any difference, but the computer used for NCS is only used for NCS. The only other installation is a remote access/control app, so I can access and maintain the system when away from home. An SSD for Windows, NCS, and the remote app. And a second normal large-capacity HDD for the library. I had experimented with multiple configurations in the past, but this way seems to work the best.

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A week or so ago my computer failed to the extent that I had to purchase a new one. I took the opportunity to purchase a new printer and a NAS which I have yet to set up. I was unable to log in because I had forgotten my credentials the system told me my user name was taken (of course). A minor change and it was accepted. l have not been able to setup NCS although I am sure I did it when I purchased it which could have been as early as August 2016. That Windows 11 is not the problem solvesl one worry. I have 8 ONVIF cameras and when I browse, they are listed with their IP addresses. I have not been able to get further. l I believe that I have installed the latest NCS as I had been saving some files to a thumb drive. But that is proving more trouble than its worth so I have been not attempting to retrieve my credentials but purchasing new programs. I have tried the manual to no effect. Any suggestion that you have will be appreciated. The bad typing is mostly caused by the unfamiliar keyboard. Mostly

I am not sure what the problems are but:
-make sure that you have downloaded and installed latest version of NCS 1.9.5.
-all prerequisites are installed.
-since the caneras support ONVIF use the tab for ONVIF Source when adding the cameras. Click on Browse and you will see the cameras in the listing.
-to find out the license number send an email to with information of which name it was registered under, email and whatever else that can help to find the licene number.

Just wanted you to know that ALL problems I was having regarding NetCam have been solved. The license issue seems that if I purchased in 2016 or 2017 that I would get an automatic upgrade in 2019 or in two years. But this morning I got the program to work. Perhaps it was because it viewed me initially as unlicensed,. I may actually get to use the additional cameras supported. I may actually use 12, Who knows down the road 16. ALL problems solved. Thanks for your assistance.
Lewis Ramsey

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