Windows 11 / NetCam Studio (64 bit) Service not installing

On several unrelated machines running Windows 11, the NetCam Studio Service (64 bit) fails to install. Installing 32 bit appears to work! Happy to work through it with support, but it seems to be occurring on all Windows 11 machines - at least those we’ve tested!

Has this been working before or is it with completely fresh installstions?
What Windows version?
Interesting, but so far you are the only one with this problem.
If you install the 64-bit version does it install Netcam Studio X, blue icon, and the Windows client, red icon, correct and it runs?
Do you get any error message during the installation process?
If you install the 32-bit version all installs and runs correct with cams?

Running on Windows 11 (Home)… Multiple fresh machines tried - fresh installs of NCS on each! No error installing 64-bit Version, BUT Service does not install - not visible in Services or in Registry. Icons (and corresponding Programs) are installed.

With 32-bit Version install, Service is created and runs without issue.

That was edition of windows, which version and build. Is it Windows Home on all computers?

Apologies Henrik - tested most recently on Microsoft Windows 11 Home (64 bit v10.0.22621.0) (22H2). Only Windows 11 Home tested (not Pro, etc.).

Install complete incl service with no problems on Windows 11 Home 22H2 22621.525