(Windows Phone 10) Thumbnail image cut in Library View

Consistently get these truncated thumbnails.
This is on a Windows Phone running v10.
Confirmed it works fine from Android running 5.0.1

I have noticed this under Edge as well for the Netcam Studio mobile application however since it’s officially for iOS and Android, I have never really looked after it to see if there is a way to make it compatible with Windows Phone 10.

If this is the only issue then it may be worth spending some time but in the past (WP8, WP8.1) there have always been other issues between Ionic framework and Windows Phone.

It appears to be the only issue. The other views and features work, or at least work well enough for me.

Please give a try to:

It seems to work under IE Edge now.

No improvement for me. Perhaps the mobile Edge is different.

I actually see the same problem in the desktop version of Edge.

Mosaic view looks fine:

Maybe still cached on Amazon in some countries.

Does it report v3.4.7 ?

Looks like 3.4.5:

Try again today, clear all cache in your browsers it should be 3.4.7.

Sometime it’s just a matter of location since usually AWS will try to serve from a server as close as possible to your location.

I’ve confirmed it works fine with 3.4.7.
Thanks for fixing this so quickly! This is a lightly-used browser :smile:

Great, if more users are interested in WP10 support I may port the app to this platform as well.

I will rename this topic accordingly to see if other people may be interested.

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Very much interested in W10 support!