Windows Security prompt


I am having an interesting error. When trying to access the library and/or the timeline on an account that has permissions to I get this:

I do not however get it on the admin account. that account seems to be working without any issues. I created a 2nd test admin account and it also does not generate this issue.

I checked, and it seems to only occur on accounts that have access to only a few cameras. All the accounts that have “View Library, View All Sources” do not have this message.

Thank you in advance.


Because there is no filtering on the timelines themselves, as soon as it tries to retrieve a preview for one of the source that the user doens’t have access to it prompts for an account with more rights.

Is it difficult to make the filtering also for the timelines?

No the results should be filtered to return only the sources that are allowed to access.

It’s something that should be fixed but it’s not critical. The most important is that it doesn’t allow to retrieve those images / videos if the user is not allowed to and this part seems to work :slight_smile:


I understand that, but the issue is that the user account in the original post is getting the prompt when he does have access. The account has permission to access the library for the displayed timeline. That is why I reported this.

Also once the prompt appears the most effective way to get back into the system is to kill the browser via task manager. Unless there is something I am missing. (No pressing the cancel button just brings the prompt back again. :slight_smile: )

I will have to setup an instance in a similar way to see the issue by myself.

i also I note this problem.
and it is for me serious.
We can not guarantee the privacy between users of my installation

I have just set up 4 different users with different privileges and each user have only access to what I setup in the configuration.
Can you please specify a little bit more. Did this happen in the process of an update?
Edit: for viewing live video It works for me. However, when viewing the Library it do not work as it should. Even if I enter login/pwd I do not get access… @Steve our developer must have a look at this.

Our developers are fast and in the unofficial version NCS this is OK. Download it from here and your feedback is appreciated.

Use the official version 1.3.6.
The problem I have reported is resolved.

thank you