Wyze Cam V2 and Pan Scan now support RTSP


Hello Everyone!

I just wanted to let you know that RTSP support is now in Beta for the Wyze cams. Check out the follow threads:

I will let the firmware get past beta and report back my findings.



This is excellent news. I’ll be implementing the beta firmware to test this hopefully this weekend coming.


Yes! Would love to hear your results, Dean.

For those of you who don’t know, Wyze cams sell for $20 a pop (direct from their website) and are loaded with a fair number of features. They are worth checking out and at that price, minimal risk. I’ve had mine for two weeks and don’t have any complaints.


You can find my experience with RTSP Firmware on the Wyze support forums.

Overall, it was an excellent and simple upgrade and configuration.

I found I could add the camera sources as either RTSP_TCP or RTSP_UCP.

The cameras are showing as Pan & Tilt, but they’re not - how can I set them to not show as this, any ideas?


Remove PTZ icons:
-In Netcam Studio go back to Edit video source for the Wyze cam.
-Go to the Tab for Network camera.
-Uncheck Enable PTZ.



I’m adding via Custom URL rather than by Brand as there is currently no “Wyze” brand and “Cam v2” or “Pan” Models available under Network Camera.


Yes I know that, but sometimes I have seen that checkbox been enabled. That’s why my comment.


Ah I see - well there is no checkbox under Custom URL, and I’m running 1.7.2. Maybe we can have Wyze added for the next release?