Wyze Cam V2 and Pan Scan now support RTSP


Hello Everyone!

I just wanted to let you know that RTSP support is now in Beta for the Wyze cams. Check out the follow threads:

I will let the firmware get past beta and report back my findings.



This is excellent news. I’ll be implementing the beta firmware to test this hopefully this weekend coming.


Yes! Would love to hear your results, Dean.

For those of you who don’t know, Wyze cams sell for $20 a pop (direct from their website) and are loaded with a fair number of features. They are worth checking out and at that price, minimal risk. I’ve had mine for two weeks and don’t have any complaints.


You can find my experience with RTSP Firmware on the Wyze support forums.

Overall, it was an excellent and simple upgrade and configuration.

I found I could add the camera sources as either RTSP_TCP or RTSP_UCP.

The cameras are showing as Pan & Tilt, but they’re not - how can I set them to not show as this, any ideas?


Remove PTZ icons:
-In Netcam Studio go back to Edit video source for the Wyze cam.
-Go to the Tab for Network camera.
-Uncheck Enable PTZ.



I’m adding via Custom URL rather than by Brand as there is currently no “Wyze” brand and “Cam v2” or “Pan” Models available under Network Camera.


Yes I know that, but sometimes I have seen that checkbox been enabled. That’s why my comment.


Ah I see - well there is no checkbox under Custom URL, and I’m running 1.7.2. Maybe we can have Wyze added for the next release?


Thanks for providing your setup experience on the Wyze forums, Dean. I still have one question for you. You said, you could still use the Wyze app, correct? Does that mean you can view them just the same as you did prior to the firmware upgrade? If so, is the camera passive now and all features completely needing to be used and controlled in NCS? I am wondering if there were features that stayed the same or were lost etc.




I still have FULL control of the cameras in the Wyze app. I can set notifications, events, motion detection zones, the works. I can see them in the application, and group them. It’s pretty nifty, actually.


I’ve been able to add my Wyze cams to Action Tiles through NCS:


Thanks for the info Dean. Any idea if the cameras will still need the micro sd cards now that they can be recording to a NAS etc?

Action Tiles looks like a hub for smart devices, is that correct? Is there more to it than that?


I used one 1GB Micro SD to flash all 4 Wyze v2 cameras I have. Once the firmware was updated, I removed the card and did the next camera. Each camera has been rebooted twice to confirm that the firmware is stable.

Action Tiles is indeed a hub for smart devices, and I very much recommend it. Many people use it as a panel for their home, by mounting an inexpensive Android tablet to the wall and running it in kiosk mode. I wanted to test that I could successfully stream NCS feeds via the access token, and it works a treat.

This means I have at least five methods of viewing my cameras remotely or locally:

  1. Wyze app
  2. Netcam Studio app
  3. Netcam Studio web page
  4. Action Tiles app
  5. Action Tiles web page

That’s not too bad.


I’ve updated the main thread with my findings on the Wyze forums.


Thanks for all the info again, Dean.

Unfortunately, I tried updating one camera last night and only received a yellow light, never seeing the blue light to follow the steps from there. I’m wondering if the camera is having trouble reading the card, but it’s the one that has been working fine in the camera up until this point. I guess I’ll try another one or different camera.

I may just wait until they get a finalized version of the firmware.


Here is a YouTube video on how to setup Wyze Cam V2 for the RTSP protocol https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=12xmbzbw5E8


I’m still doing what I can to promote NCS. Mainly because it just works for me.


I ended up trying another card and it worked!

I’ll have to check out that YouTube video to see how well it was done. I was actually thinking about making a few videos about NCS to help generate some traffic to the site. I think people are more likely to search for a video than read documentation anyway.


I am using NetCam Studio with the HomeSeer Mobile app to control my home automation devices. I have created “dashboards” for my iPhone and iPad that include camera feeds. I have 9 cameras (various brands including Wyze) working with HomeSeer. I use the cameras to verify the status of my automated lighting.


Nice, thanks!
I have to explore this.