Wyze Camera support?

I am a long time user of WebcamXPp Pro, thinking about migrating to NCS. I can see from the trial that it is clearly an improvement, especially in it’s use of resources.
I have also been using Tinycam Pro for my mobile devices.
I’m having a bit of trouble connecting the NCS mobile app at th moment, but I am sure I will be able to get that working.

My question is, Do you plan to support the Wyze Cam? I see it is supported by TinyCam monitor.
The URL is:

Thank you

If the camera support ONVIF you can add it using the tab for ONVIF Source. A search on the internet gives that the camera do no support rtsp so add it to NCS is not possible just now. If you can find the URL for rtsp please report back.

For the mobile app just forward port 8100 and connect to your router with the public IP.

Ok, I searched for ONVIF support, and a topic on their forum suggested they are working on it. Just a waiting game, I guess, thanks for you quick reply, and thank you for great software.

I have port forwarded, but I belioeve I have trouble with my DDNS provider.

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I have purchased a Wyze Cam that I would like to hook up to my existing Net Cam Studio 8 camera setup. The Wyze camera is an excellent low cost camera. The Wyze Cam iOS app now provides the IP address for the camera, but I am not able to connect it to Net Cam Studio. Is it possible to add support for the Wyze Cam to NetCam Studio?

If the camera support the ONVIF standard it is easy to add to NCS using the tab for onvif source. Or if the camera support rtsp you can add it by the tab for Custom URL. That is was normal grade IP cameras support today.

Have a look at this site:

No link! Please post the link.

Sorry, try again:

Thanks for posting the link. This looks very interesting. Have you tried this? Does it work with Net Cam Studio?

I like the iOS WyzeCam app. It works very well. If I reflash the camera (ver 2.0) and it does not work with NCS, It will be useless for me.


I don’t yet own a Wyze Cam. Like you I have been waiting until there was some way of monitoring it with my Netcan Studio app. This looks like an answer to that problem, however I have not had much time to look into it, nor acquire the hardware.

I am trying to get Wyze to support RTSP and have posted a thread entitled “Explaining why RTSP could be useful to you” over at their support forums.

In the meantime, I am playing around with OpenIPC.

Wyze Cam has sold over 1 million cameras. It is extremely popular!!

I am still trying to connect it to NetCam Studio. Has any one been able to connect? How?

Steve Q

Tinycam released what they did to use wyze.

Wyze have said they are looking into RTSP support. With that, we should be able to connect the cameras to NCS.

Currently we’re active on their forums voting for the RTSP support in their Road Map section.

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Wyze and rtsp would certainly make a lot of users happy. Most likely Wayze also since they will sell a lot of cameras :slight_smile:

That’s JUST what I’ve been telling them :slight_smile:

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Wyze has released RTSP firmware for their Wyze Cam ver 2. It can be downloaded from the Wyze website. DeanSmith has posted full instructions on the Wyze forum.

I have installed the RTSP firmware on one of my Wyze Cams. It works very nicely with NetCam Studio. This is an excellent combination.

Steve Q


The latest Wyze RTSP firmware for both the Pan and V2
are causing Netcam Studio to record an annoying clicking sound. Without movement
I have a Foscam Ip camera that works fine.
Any Idea or setting info?
I just used the url provided by the Wyze app

Is it only when recording or also in live stream?
If the camera support both tcp and udp try to switch between them.

Only when recording have tried UDP TCP no change.
I have used Ispy and dont have that problem
I like the Netcam Interface and prefer it over Ispy