X8900-MH36 Camera problem after latest firmware update

I hope this is the relevant forum to ask this question, but I Googled and found a thread on these cameras back in August '17 by ni_hao which seemed to be resolved by Henrik.

I have 4 of these cameras connected to my wifi network, together with an 8 channel NVR similar to this: NVR

Since the cameras have their own local storage, I only use the NVR to view the cameras on TV via the HDMI output, or on my PC via the VideoMonitorClient.exe application. I also view the cameras on my iPad, Android phone and my wife’s iPhone using the V380 app.

Up until a few days ago, this setup was working well. However about a week ago I noticed red warnings in the iPad app to upgrade each of the camera’s firmware. I did this, initially for one of the cameras and it seemed to be OK, viewing the video on the iPad, although I had to reset the name and password on the camera. I then continued upgrading the firmware in another 2 of the cameras.

After I had updated the firmware in 3 of the 4 cameras I thought I had better check that the NVR was still connecting to the cameras and that’s when I realised that something had gone wrong.

The NVR only showed video from the remaining one camera that had not had the firmware update. The NVR finds all 4 cameras on the network using the Onvif protocol, but it won’t connect to the 3 that have been updated. They just briefly return a message “Connecting” which changes to “Offline”. I’ve checked that the NVR was using the correct login name and password for each camera, but it didn’t make any difference.

Comparing the firmware in the updated camera with the non-updated camera using the V380 app, I can see that the System App version has changed from:
to AppMS_IPC38_V3.5.0.5

The System Kernel and System Firmware are the same in all four cameras.

Does anyone have any suggestions how to:
a) revert the System App to the earlier version
or b) how to get the NVR to connect with the updated cameras?

Nice that you found this forum. This forum is about Netcam Studio and WebcamXP and you do not use any of these softwares so sorry.
However, from your description it seems that the firmware update changed rhe URL how to connect to the camera. Use ONVIF Device Manager and get the URL to the camera. Enter that in the NVR and it should work.

Thanks Henrik. I’ve tried accessing all 4 cameras, updated and not, with ODM and it responds with “The data in element ‘Security’ must be understood but cannot be handled”.

I have no idea what that means. :confused:

What I have found is that I can get VLC media player to show the non-updated camera video on rtsp://,
however the updated cameras return errors like
VLC could not connect to “”.

This suggests to me that port 554 isn’t open on the updated cameras. Does that sound right?

Check what ports that are open on the camera. At least port 554 and 80 needs to be open. From above it seems that port 554 is closed. Maybe the cam is only a P2P cam which usualluse encrypted stream on a port like 5500 or something. It must be many more user with this problem.

Hi Henrik,
thanks for all your help with this, especially as this seems to be off-topic for the forum.

I just scanned the ports and ports 80, 554 and 5500 are open on both the working camera and the updated ones. This makes the VLC message a bit confusing.

However, I won’t exhaust your goodwill any further, as I am sure there are more on-topic matters for you to deal with.

Once again, thanks for your suggestions so far, which have been a great help in eliminating at least one possible cause.

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He he, thanks! Port 5500 makes me very suspisius. It is a media port and is quite often used for encrypted traffic.
It seems to be time for Wireshark where you at least can find which port is used :smile:

Good luck,

Oops - I made a couple of mistakes!
Firstly that 5500 was a typo, its port 5050 that is open.

Also, I checked the same, working, camera twice, instead of comparing it to the non-working, updated camera. :roll_eyes: :confounded:
Port 554 is indeed closed on the non-working cameras.

The following ports are available on the cameras:
. . . . . . . .Working . . . . . Updated
23 . . . . . . . open . . . . . . . open
554 . . . . . . open . . . . . . .closed
5040 . . . . . open . . . . . . . open
5050 . . . . . open . . . . . . . open
5051 . . . . . open . . . . . . . open
7050 . . . . . open . . . . . . . open
8800 . . . . . open . . . . . . . open
8899 . . . . . open . . . . . . . open

Now, I wonder how to figure out which ports the camera is using when I view its video on my phones and iPad. Then I might be able to configure the NVR to use the same port. :wink:

Search in this forum for 5050 and you will have more info.