Zmodo Pivot Camera's

Hi its me again. I just purchased a couple of Zmodo Pivot cameras. I am unable to connect to them via Netcam studio. The only way I can connect to them is through the zmodo phone app or via the web. The web interface appears to be flash. I went through your connection instructions using various connections and did some network sniffing and nothing works. A scan of my network shows them running ports 8000 and 4444. Do you know of any way I can connect these locally? Im not real happy having to use an online service outside my own network.

Hi again :slight_smile:

This seems to a very closed solution. I chatted with Zmodo and got the result below from the. Usualkl, the give all that info away with no problems.

These cams seems to be something new for them so they might have changed tactics and use a propitiatory solution.

Have you tested onvif?

This URL is very common for their other cams so test this one also in Custom URL. Set stream type to rtsp_tcp and address


Can you login to the camera? Sometimes you can find info there.


Thanks Henrik,
I put in a help ticket with them and hadnt gotten anything back yet. Ive been playing around with various ways to connect using rtsp without good results. Ill keep playing with it. I have not been able to access the camera locally though it register and work at the zmodo web site. If I find anything ill post back.

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