Zoom in and scroll


I just discovered you can zoom-in the video view, that is interesting when you have a monitor with smaller resolution than the camera but I do have a few suggestions about it.

When you zoom you don’t have zoom factor display, and no “1:1 scale” information so you know when you are watching video at 1:1 scale and then if you zoom more you will only get bigger pixels.

You can scroll the view when zoomed but … why did you invert the scroll ? I mean there is a “standard” way of making a windows content scrolling, you click&drag the view and the content follow you mouse movement but you inverted it (plus you spend time developping the small red mouse cursor animation), that is disturbing, why not let standard way of scrooling window content ?


Because that’s how network cameras with physical ptz usually work. you move the view according to what you want to see, not the content.

So when we zoom the view you manage it the same way as if it was PTZ (whenever camera is not PTZ) ? ok so you keep “same” way for both situations I get it.

And what about the 1:1 scale info ? because the cameras I tested or not PT nor Z but have higher resolution that the screen I am using so I have no idea when I am 1:1 display or if I am zooming “for nothing” because it will not show any more details.