ZosiCam IPC-2825M - Problems with camera resolution - native vs. in Netcam Studio


Please forgive me if this has been exhaustively answered in another thread - I did spend some time searching for this problem and possible answers.

The problem:

I have a Herospeed-based PoE camera which defaults to 1920x1080 resolution for streaming (ONVIF/MJPEG.) The camera’s webpage shows that this resolution does indeed work. However, when I add it as a camera in Netcam Studio, I cannot get a resolution higher than 352x288 (a resolution I don’t even understand really.) What’s even odder is that I have two of these and the other one does indeed run at 1920x1080.


Windows 10 64-bit - 32GB RAM, 256GB disk, I5 CPU
Latest version of Netcam Studio
Multiple cameras - these are the other cameras:

2 - JideTech PoE ONVIF at 640x480
1 - Amcrest Dome PoE ONVIF at 2592x1944
1 - ZosiTech PoE ONVIF at 1024x768

All these cameras are configured at these resolutions natively (via the camera app/webpage) and in Netcam Studio. They all work fine, including the one Herospeed mentioned at the top. I just cannot figure out what is going on with the one that won’t size to a higher resolution. I have deleted and recreated the camera in Netcam Studio a few times and again, I have an identical camera which works as desired.

What am I doing wrong? I’ve been using Netcam Studio since the Webcam XP days and I’ve really never run into a problem like this.



Hi Michael,
The resolution 352x288 is a very old one. I think it was used for streaming to early age cellphones called 3gpp :slight_smile: Well, that´s what the camera deliver for some reason. You don´t give me the specific model of the camera so this is more in general.
However, I assume you add the camera as an ONVIF Source and then select Profile in MJPEG 1920x1080.
I suggest you login to the camera configuration and find the menu for configuration of video streams. Usually the streams are named stream 1, stream 2, or it can also be Main Stream and Sub stream. Cameras usually defaults to Stream1/Main Stream. Go to that stream and make sure that the resolution is 1920x1080 and not the low resolution. Save that stream and then reconnect to the camera in Netcam Studio.
To further test you can also go to the tab for Custom URL where you have the complete URL to the camera in the Address field. Take that and paste into VLC and see what resolution you get.
Since the camera behaves a little strange a factory reset can sometimes solve the problem.


Hi Henrik!

Thanks for the reply! I apologize for not giving the camera specifics more clearly - I wasn’t sure if it was an application problem, a platform problem or a camera problem.

The camera in question is a ZosiCam IPC-2825M-W. It is a PoE camera, with 5MP camera.

Examining just the camera, via its onboard webpage - current configuration:


This is the configured main stream (and the stream being used):

This is the sub stream (not in use):

And now the third stream. This might be a clue but I don’t know - observe the resolution:

Camera config screen 1:

Camera streams available:

And there’s the third stream at that resolution. I still don’t understand how to fix it though.



OK, good.
The video encoding is set to MJPEG for stream 1 and 2, but that is not selectable in the ONVIF Profile. ONVIF only use RTSP and JPEG and the only stream that is set to RTSP is the thirdStream (H265) and therefore you get that resolution 352x288.
To get 1920x1080 set


Reconnect to the camera. This will give you video and audio.
So you must match the available ONVIF profiles with the settings in the camera.