Admin password not changing?


I edit the admin user account and typed in my new password hit the check to save setting and the password is not changed from (1234).

Created a new account and that password can be changed.


A local problem. You can do the following:
-exit NCS
-go to C:\ProgramData\Moonware\Netcam Studio\Server
-delete the file Netcam.Security.xml
-start NCS again and edit users.



That fixed that issue but now broke all of my cameras.


Right-click on the video again and save the configuration again. That is still there.


Nope didn’t help. I tried that actually before posing.


-Start the installation program again and do a repair.
-If you use a predefined template do a right-click and select brand, model, write user name and password etc. again and save.


Working now!
Thanks for the help!


@Henrik - So I didn’t want to make a new post but I can if you want me to … here is a new issue.

Before getting into this just want to say that all the cameras were working before reinstalling. I reinstalled because windows was acting slow and I wanted to remove Ubuntu dual boot and start fresh for Netcam Studio before applying my license again. :slight_smile: .

I reinstalled windows 10 (shift restart / troubleshoot / full wipe) did windows updates rebooted then setup Netcam Studio changed the HTTP port. I added my first camera and right away I got the “connecting… / Failed to connect”. I opened Internet Explorer and went to the camera ip and it opens the web page with no issues. Also attempted a repair on nextcam studio installer didn’t fix it.

Here is the RTSP address: I’m using the same RTSP over UDP option :confused:



Well, a browser use port 80. RTSP use port 554. It’s been working before so you have to go back again. Is it working with VLC which also use port 554?