Camera ESCAM QD900 works on Netcam Studio

I have a license for webcamxp and netcam studio. When I try to add escam qd900 using zoneway as camera
and model dome, it works on netcam studio but not on webcamxp. Any ideas?

Hi there!
Since you use a template for another cam it is probably a difference between the templates or some other parameter between NCS and webcamxp. Since most of the cams now support the ONVIF standard such as your camera we try to get away from templates. NCS support onvif. When you add a camera use the tab for ONVIF. Webcampxp do not have onvif built in, but we have released the Universal Source Filter that solves this problem. Go to Moonware Universal Source Filter (Directshow Filter) - #4 by Steve
and install that in webcamxp and add the camera using onvif in this filter and it should work. In NCS add the cam as ONVIF also so you get it correct.

Thank you, that did the trick.