Can not connect web cameras on app

I’m having an issue where I can connect AND see my cameras on my phone when I am on wifi at the location my cameras are at but when I am away & try to connect through my app I can only see the attached images. All ports as far as I can tell are forwarded properly.

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Ok, now I see. It’s correct, but most likely the computer go to sleep since you do not have it in motion detection.

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Yep, I have done all of that as far as I can tell. The computer has been set up with a static address as well as the router. Port 8100 is forwarded on the router

And no, the computer is set to stay awake

Use the browser on the phone and test.

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I get this when I use the phone

In the browser enter
Check this on both wifi and mobile network. The result should be the same.

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I will be at the studio tomorrow & will be able to work on it better in real-time. Thank you very much for the prompt response!

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Alright, so the public ip with port 8100 brings up the MoonwareServerWCF page on my phone

AH! I got it. On my router I needed to have 8100 on both the external AND internal ports. All good here!