Client crashes on startup

Client crashes on startup today:
no WU’s have been installed.
does anyone have any idea why it happens?


NetcamStudio.Client.exe, Version:

The problematic file is Kernelbase.dll which is part of the Windows OS and is used for handling graphics. That´s probably why the NCS service is running, but when you start the Windows client that crashes.
Most likely it´s been an update of the NET Framework and therefore a mismatch with the dll file.
Here are some suggestions to fix this.
-start the NCS installation program and select remove. When finished install again. All configurations are kept, but the windows client is re-installed.
-uninstall the latest update of NET Framework. Make sure NCS runs. Do the Windows Update again.
-follow my post in this NCS Server stopped starting - Windows Update is playing some tricks on Netcam Studio


Hello Henrik,

unfortunately, nothing helped, the only thing what i can, try to delete .NET Framework 4.8 completely and add it again via Windows. What is interesting is that the Client on this computer, under a different profile, works without problems.

Best regards Alexander.