Connect custom IP camera video feed in Netcam Studio

If your IP camera is not in our supported list yet, it’s possible to use custom addresses directly in Netcam Studio.

There are some tools which allows to discover which addresses your camera uses for providing Audio, Video or RTSP streams if this information is not available in the user manual of the camera.

If you manage to get a working stream by yourself, other users will appreciate if you can share the information, it also enables us to prepare a template for the future versions.

And in case you don’t manage to get it working by yourself, you can ask for help on this forum or contact support (Users with license only), you’ll have to open access to your camera by setting up port forwarding and we will prepare the template for your IP camera if possible.

Using network sniffing tool such as URL Snooper or Fiddler to capture the video feed stream from your IP camera
1.Download and install URL Snooper or Fiddler
2.Open internet browser and access your IP camera
3.Run and enable capturing the traffic
4.Monitor the traffic captured in the sniffing tool and find the proper video feed which is in the common formats

Sample JPG source URL:


Sample MJPEG source URL:


Sample RTSP source URL:


5.Stop capturing and copy the video feed URL, you can use VLC player to test playing the URL by “Open Network Stream…” in VLC. If the IP camera requires authentication, please include the login username and password in URL formatted as:


Note: Close Fiddler before connect the URL in NetCam Studio, Fiddler still working might result in interruption of the connection.
Default RTSP Port is 554

6.If you can play the video feed URL in VLC then you can connect it in NetCamStudio as a custom source

Note: You should refer to the user manual of the IP camera first before trying this instruction

Additionally, you can also check if you find any other software that supports this model of camera and try to retrieve the information from there.