Connect Geovision videoserver GV-VS11

Good evening
I am a newbie of this site, so i say Hello to NCS staff and everybody!!
I bought a Geovision videoserver GV-VS11 , I know that isn’t in list, but I would try to connect to NCS because I had a particular application like LPR , using an high performance . I can see just snapshot with following command:
My need is to connect GV-VS11 to detect plate of hunter intruders.
The device is setted to video MJPEG streaming 704x576 and i done the following attempts,:

  1. Since Geovision appears for just one product LF355, i set on VS11 video format output MJPEG (also the resolution isn’t the same) but during test connection , NCS answer “Video failed with error”
  2. I try to follow the instructions on following link “New camera from China “ and i done the following test, but all answer “ a)rtsp://admin:admin@
    b) rtsp://admin:admin@

I have also check the traffic with wireshark, but I didn’t find good information (see picture attached)
I report also default parameter of GV-VS 11
Can you help , if possible to interface with videoserver VS11
Thanks a lot , for a hel you will give .
Default Port Value
HTTP Port 80
Streaming Port 10000
E-Mail Server 25
FTP Server 21
Center V2 5551
Vital Sign Monitor 5609
GV-GIS 3356
Video Gateway 50000
Backup Center 30000
ViewLog Server 5552
RTSP/TCP Port 8554
RTP/UDP Port 17300 -17319

Hi Andrea and welcome to the forum,

This one is not in the support list. Therefore we need to connect to it using the tab for ONVIF Source or Custom URL. I don´t see that it support onvif so left is Custom URL as you already tested. I am not sure why you picked these URL´s but none of them seems to work.
In your support specifications I can see that RTSP/TCP use Port 8554. In your URL you use 554 so that is one reason why it not works. The question is also if the URL is correct? I did some search and found this information for this device from GeoVision:

So for NCS it should be using Custom URL,
Set Stream type to rtsp_tcp
Address is if admin/admin is correct

That should give you video and audio if the system support audio.

It seems that you have to login to the VS11 and setup the resolution.

Good luck and please report back how it goes.

Good Evening Henrik
i try with the command rtsp://admin:admin@ , but NCS stay always to waiting a connection, meanwhile with command rtsp://admin:admin@, working fine with both resolution CIF and Half D1 ; but not full D1 :unamused: as described in article that you had find about GV VS11, that became a limit for LPR application.
A question about LPR, is it possible to set some parameters like width and height of caracters of license plate , angle of camera view, etc…
is it possible to setup this?

Hi Andrea,
Thanks for reporting back. That was quite a different URL than in their support page :slight_smile: About the LPR there is quite some posts on that and here so do a search. However, what I have read so far that has not been up for discussion, but I forward this to @Steve if he knows more.