D-link DCS-8515LH

Can anyone confirm/deny if the D-Link DCS-8515LH works? It’s not in the list but neither is any 8000 series, are they still too new? Saw a reasonable deal on a twin pack of them here in Australia…

I do not see that it support the ONVIF standard so it will be problematic how to connect it to NCS. Not even the user manual give you an URL for custom connection. They focus on their own App. So this is nothing I recommend to use with Netcam Studio.
According to dlink forum:
“Unfortunately the DCS-8xxxLH series removed HTTP/RTSP support and can only be accessed by the mydlink app”

If you want an easy connection to Netcam Studio look for the ONVIF support

Cheers… Thanks… Won’t waste my $$ on them then…

Was looking at them for a cheap upgrade as I’m currently running a DCS-942L and a couple of DCS-930L’s…

Have tried a Xiaofang 1S with the github hack thing but maybe I’ve configured it wrong as it’s very patchy…

Here are some suggestions Best Network Cameras to use with Netcam Studio in 2020
If you want a cheap one and work with hacks check out the Wyze camera in that listing.