EZVIZ Cameras Compatible with Netcam Studio?

Does anyone know if EZVIZ cameras are compatible with Netcam Studio. I am currently using some older cameras to broadcast over my website (ComalRiverCam.com). However, I would like to upgrade to newer and higher def cameras. I’ve seen a couple of reviews on YouTube of the EZVIZ cameras and they look easy to setup using a phone. I’m just wondering if they can be setup on the PC to be served to the web. They are not listed as compatible on the Netcam Studio web site.

Thank you!

In general to connect an IP camera to Netcam Studio (or any other software like that) the camera must support the ONVIF standard protocol or you must have the correct URL how to communicate with the camera. The URL can be rtsp://xxxxxxxx. ONVIF is a standard how to connect a camera and the software to each other. EZVIZ has many cameras so you must look on each one. There are many posts in this forum about cameras so look for one that other users are using that works well.

Henrik, thank you for your response. I was hoping someone in the forum might have had some direct experience with EZVIZ cameras. The particular one I was looking at (with a very inexpensive price) does not support the ONVIF standard. I will continue my search for other cameras that are compatible with the software.

Check out the Wyze cam. Low price, but need some work Best Network Cameras to use with Netcam Studio in 2020.

Thanks, Henrik. That’s the sort of thing I’m looking for. I will check it out. There are just so many cameras out there now, it’s hard to decide.