Fentac V380 Connection

Hi @sk8darr I bought a camera which I have set up with the V380S app. It only has ports 5050,5051,8800 and 8899 enabled. ONVIF Device Manager can detect it but not start a stream because there’s no RTSP port.

I tried the update files linked earlier in this discussion but it did not help.

The app says the current software on the device is

System app: AppGMS_CARD_V3.5.0.5_20170629
Kernel: KerGMS_V1.7.2.0_20170524
Firmware: HwGMS_WF3_CARD_20160217

Any suggestions on how I could adapt your patch to work on this camera?


I wrote to v380technical@gmail.com who immediately send me back a patch that worked for my camera. Now enjoying RTSP!

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Obviously they have discovered that upgrade to rtsp is good for marketing and increase sales :smile:

Did you find a solution?
As I have bought a camera with the same version and the patch doesn’t work for me as well.


I think I sent an email to support but never got a reply.
Maybe a second try will be more successful.


I got a reply just after 10 seconds and after sending a screencapture of firmware versions I received upgrade files that you put on a SD card in the camera. He wrote that different versions needed different upgrades, we know that from earlier experiances, so ask for support for V300-V380 based cameras at v380technical@gmail.com

My version where originally:


and upgrade changed that to:




Thank you all.

I just bought a V380 camera and was able to open ports 23 and 554 for RTSP with the update shared here.

Camera details:
Software Version: AppV380E11_IP38_ETH_V2.5.0.9_20171120
Kernel Version: KerV380E11_IPC38_ETH_V2.1.0_20160506
Hardware Version: HwV380E11_WF1_IPC38_ETH_20160217

I Used the version shared by @ smashin