FTP Upload status becomes red

Since a few days, I am facing some trouble. Some issues have already been solved, thanks to the quick help by the support team.
An issue which I am still have to deal with a red status of the FTP upload. The FTP upload runs for quite a while and all of a sudden, it becomes red and nothing anymore is uploaded to my Web server. Is there a possibility to find out what’s the reason for that red status?

It might be a login problem. Check the log file.

Thanks for the quick reply.
Where can I find the log files?
And which login do you mean?

Here is the log file Where can I find the log file? or check in the Event Logs.
The FTP login since that goes wrong I assume.

I made the setting “Save Event Logs to file” and restarted the whole computer. After 1 or 2 succesful FTP uploads it failed again and the FTP upload status is in red status again. But I cannot see any error message regarding a failed FTP upload in the current log file. :frowning:

No error message is strange. Please, chech again. Also in Event log in the top menu if there are any red messages. Have the FTP server changed something like ftps, sftp … Test to login with an ftp client like FileZilla or equivalent and upload some pictures and test. I know that ftp servers can be sensitive to how often you connect to them.

Okay, I did not recognise the event log so far. Sorry for that.
What I can see there are messages saying: “Could not upload image to FTP. No image available from the source”.
I don’t understand this message, because in the live view in Netcam Studio I can see a continuous picture.

Uploads and downloads with Filezilla with the same credentials works perfectly.

Suggest that you delete that ftp upload and create a new one.