How to setup Hiseeu WHD902A camera


I have just purchased and installed the Hiseeu WHD902A PTZ dome camera and while i can get video it isn’t in the full resolution this camera supports and i cannot get either the audio or PTZ functions to work. There is no profile for this camera in NetCam Studio that i can find that uses all the functions and the only one that does anything is the All-in-One under JPEG 640x480 settings where i can at least get video. DO you have any suggestions or advice on how to get this camera fully functional in NetCam Studio?

Only way to have it all working is if the camera support the ONVIF standard. When adding the camera use the tab for ONVIF source and click on Browse. The camera should be in the listing.

My camera is supposed to support ONVIF however it is not being seen by NetCam Studio at all. I have tried ONVIF, LAN, and UPNP from the drop down in the search window and it sees nothing at all. I have two other cameras (one i replaced with this one) which were both able to be setup as you have a profile that works for them in NetCam Studio but none of them are visible on the ONVIF tab either, yet they DO support ONVIF as there are menu settings for them on their web interface.

Proceed with this guide that hopefully solve this.