How to unregister old android devices from push notifications server


I’ve changed my Android phone 2 times this year. In all 3 I’ve used Netcam Studio Mobile, but when I switched from one to the next, I never “disable notifications”…

I’ve gone to server logs because with the last one I don’t receive push notifications, and I see messages in the server logs that says: Push notification with message: blablabla sent to 3 device(s)… I asume that push server is trying to deliver the same message to all 3 devices, but obviously I just have one of them… How could I remove the non valid registrations?

Read ALL before doing anything. There a couple of ways to do this.

1.To do this you need to edit the file Netcam.Security.xml located C:\ProgramData\Moonware\Netcam Studio\Server
There you will have the units connected to NCS and their tokens. For example in my case I have a Lenovo Tablet:

  <Device>LENOVO Lenovo TB-X304F</Device>
  <OperatingSystem>Android 7.1.1</OperatingSystem>

You need to delete this device.
2.Instead of deleting you can test to change Enabled= true to Enabled=false and restart.

3.Alternative is to copy the Netcam.Security.xml file to a secure place. Delete the file in the NCS folder and start NCS. There will be a new Netcam.Security.xml file generated only with admin. So you need to add the users again.

OBS! These are system files so be careful!


Perfect Henrik. It worked, and by the way I could register Ok my current device, that I was having problems to get push notifications. May be there’s a limit of three different devices registered to send push notifications… ¿?

Thanks again.

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