iPhone and iPad - black/blank video playback

Hi there,
I use Apple devices.
Recently the video playback starts in black/blank screen. Only controls appear, the video itself doesn’t.
I have to switch to PiP and back.
My affected devices are

  • iPhone SE (3rd), previously it was good, I use it for 2 years.
  • iPad 9 (I use it since december, black screen issue exists since first usage)
    iOS and iPadOS versions are latest.

Another user had the sort of same issue Playing video recording from library on iOS app show black screen

Thank you for your help.

  • I didn’t change anything for several months.
  • Just bought a new iPad.
  • I have 2 Hikvision x265 cam, and 1 old mjpeg EasyN


  • I logged in webclient as recommended (with my iPad’s browser)

  • I watched one of x265 videos from the library in webclient: OK (iPad)

  • I watched that video in NCS application on my iPad: OK

  • I watched one video from mjpeg camera in NCS application on my iPad: BLANK

  • I watched the good video in my iPhone application: OK

  • I watched the bad video in my iPhone application: BLANK

  • I watched the bad video in webclient on my iPad
    … and voila everything is good everywhere.

But. It is working now.
Thank you

The playback on my iPad is black again :frowning:
update: and on my iphone too

I have the same problem. iPhone 15pro, iPhone 14 and an older iPad. Live video works fine on all, black screen when playing recording in the app. All work on web.

Any new on this?

I have an update. The problem seems to be that the played image is behind… the background in the app. When minimizing the app while playback that shows black screen the image appears.
This may suggest that the app needs an update.

I have this problem occurring now also. Black video playback. Can someone please look into the app and rectify this?

thank you

Sorry, but no feedback from developer yet. Suggest using the web client.

Thanks Henrik. That’s not really a good alternative as it’s quite clunky to use the browser on the phone for this purpose. That’s why there is an app that should really be maintained and not a “build and forget” attitude. There is obviously some issues with the app under the newer ios and it would be responsible for the developer to maintain the status of the app.

Has anyone found a fix…I have sam eproblem!

I am having problems with only iphones viewing the mjpeg stream from NCS just recently…not sure if this is related.
The stream just flickers real fast.