JPT3815W-HD Profile


I recently purchased a Tenvis JPT3815W-HD and have been able to get it working by using the IPROBOT3 V2 camera profile but the Pan and Tilt do not work. I can’t find a profile that will get P&T to work.

Does anyone else have this camera and if so what profile did you use?


Am I the only one with this camera or this problem?


The camera in ONVIF compliant so if you use NetCamSystem you can use ONVIF setup when adding a camera. I also found that people are using this URL for that camera
Fill in Username and Password
MJPEG URL: http://user:password@url:port/media/?action=stream
Use Custom URL in NetCamSystem

Download ONVIF Device Manager. Connect the camera to LAN and the manager search for ONVIF compliant cameras and displays them. There you should find info about http or rtsp URL also for the PTZ.


I would love to use ONVIF but NetCam cannot see it. I have tried many other cam software packages and those that support ONVIF all see this camera and there is no problem with Pan and Tilt.

ONVIF Device Manager sees it just fine and allows Pan and Tilt in it’s interface.


I have also ONVIF cams and NCS do not see them. NCS must solve that problem rather quickly since a template for each camera model is not a solution today.

I do not have a PTZ camera myself, but my idea was that from the ONVIF manager you get the info on port etc to control the PTZ and then add the camera with a custom URL. That worked for med with my non-ptz onvif cam.


The only url I can find in the ONVIF manager is this one…rtsp:// which I believe is the url for the video stream. Under ptz it doesn’t show any ports, etc., but I can control it from there.

Maybe I’m looking in the wrong place.


I do not have a PTZ cam where I am for the moment so I cannot test. I checked the ONVIF programmers guide and there are “some” more things you need … However, in many forums they write this string http://:8080/onvif/device_service which is interesting since ONVIF is a standard and should be easy. What happens if you use that URL. Otherwise, back to the NCS people ;). Actually, I have no idea what I am doing right now ;).

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