Library playback : Please install VLC but VLC is installed

Like title says, I cannot play files from the library on a freshly installed NCS 1.9.1 while I have VLC 3.0.11 installed.

NCS version 192 is out, please update.
Are VLC and NCS installed on the same account?
If you play from folder on the HD, is that working?

This is a client machine, that only has one account so yes. And I can play the files if I access to the server library folder from this machine.

I will update both server and client to 1.9.2 and update with the results

I Installed 1.9.2 on the client and it worked !

I was running the 32 bits version of NCS and this time, I installed the 64 bits.
Maybe the issue was there, I have 64 bits version of VLC installed…

I also updated the server to 1.9.2.

Is there a change log for this version. I don’t see it here:

Thanks for the quick support