Library retention not working


I have set up library retention to 10 days, and max 400 GB. But this is ignored. I have all reacordings saved since netcam is installed. 7200 itenms in library, taking up 550 GB.

This is the third key feature that I report failure on.

Is this not a finnished product?


Unfortunately, I have the same problem. For me it works if I use Days or max GB. Using both makes it confused. Then it do not clean up and as you described the GB increase over the max GB.
Yes, there are some things that could be better, but for me this is an excellent software also for that price. And as long as they work hard and fix it I am happy ;). Using both NCS 119 and 120RC2.


Strange, I’ve tried many times and couldn’t reproduce. However, I’m testing with 1 hour+5MB - may be, if I use few days+1GB it will stop working.
@henrik, thank you for kind words and help testing all these issues. Can you please send us screenshot of your library settings when it doesn’t work?


A screenshot of my settings, I also included the folder properties where you can se the size.


Ok, thanks. Please also check if oldest files on your disk are listed in library. May be, it’s not indexed?


I have 2 days and 20 GB. For me it seems to remove the Thumbnails correct when the 20 GB limit is reached, but the recordings are not removed.


Can anyone who experience same issue send me his library index?
It’s located in c:\ProgramData\Moonware\Netcam Studio\Server\Library.db
This will help me very much to find and fix the issue.


Here is mine using server 2003.


I’ve just checked this file and the earliest date in it is
Sunday, July 19, 2015 6:20:12pm
So, no files should be removed with 2 days retention interval.
Size of video files is slightly bigger than 20Gb, during test run it removed just 4 entries.


Stupis of me, but I removed a lot of files yesterday. So if we can wait for a couple of days I will give you the same file again and also how it looks like in my folders for Recordings and Thumbnails to give you better information.


Thanks a lot! Waiting for new file.


my index file…


Thanks, testing with your file.
Yep, retention must work. According to index file, library size is more than 600Gb


I can see only one possible problem in code - if any old files cannot be removed for some reason (read-only, locked, or whatever else). On my test system with these index files it successfully removes a lot of files.
Please check if there are any errors in logs related to LibraryManager.
From my side I’ve made a few small fixes and a little more logging which may help in future.
1.2.0 will be ready soon.
Thank you!


I checked my other system NCS119/Win7 that stores on a NAS and there I use 30 days and unlimited GB. As of today all the files from 20150531 are still there!

There are no errors in the loggs. The check is made every 5 minutes. For example the LibraryManager writes “Deleted 17 items from local library (Retention expired)”… “Deleted entry 201507204006 with files (C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Desktop\NetCamStudio\Recordings\20150720\Recording_2_20150720_171605_167.mp4, C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Desktop\NetCamStudio\Thumbnails\20150720\Thumb_2_20150720_171605_167.jpg)”

These 2 files are deleted. My interpretation of this is that ALL files older than that should be gone. I have many many files left for that day and the last one for that day and for that cam is
Recording_2_20150720_235909_308.mp4. That file should really have been deleted before the one above.

Also, empty folders should be deleted as well. There must be something wrong in the search criteria or …


1.2.0 differs from 1.1.9 - it can reindex folder so there are no missing old files. As for empty folders - it’s fixed in 1.2.0
Ah, and thumbnails are deleted too - there was a lot of work done regarding library in 1.2.0


Excellent! Looks like we enter into a new era of NCS ;). Looking forward to 120!



Is there away to force a reindex



Hi! We didn’t add this button - not sure if it’s necessary.
You can change library path twice - to some other directory and back. It will ask to reindex.
Videos recorded by old versions will be added without some additional parameters - like MD trigger value.



Thanks that seems to have worked.