NCS server wont launch of startup after Window Upgrade

New to NCS, and loving it so far.

I have a old desktop i have converted into a server of sorts. Its now my camera server. Until today I was running NCS on win 10 home, and had it set to launch on startup incase of windows update, power outage etc, i want my cameras to fire back up as soon as the machine boots back up. This was working fine. Today I upgraded from win 10 Home to win 10 pro. I cannot get NCS server to launch on startup. It have a short cut in the correct start up folder, the short cut is set to always run as administrator. This worked 100% fine until today. I thought UAC might be the issue, so i turned UAC off completely. I want to avoid using things like task scheduler if possible. Anyone have any thoughts? or should I just accept defeat and start looking at task scheduler?

You should run NCS as a service with automatic start with Windows. Read this Using Netcam Studio Service
Then use the Windows client or web client for controlling NCS.

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very cool, I will go this route for sure. Thank you!

Worked perfectly. Thanks again.

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