Netcam Studio is available for download

Netcam Studio is available for download at


Hi Henrik.

Thank you for this good news. Could you share a change log? (Btw I have login issue on a client only machine: Login Failed: Cannot load Counter Name data because an invalid index “” was read from registry. Just before upgrade the 1.9.2 was working).

Make sure that you have the same version 1.9.5 installed on all computers.

I did it, double checked. Same versions:
Client:, 2021.06.19, client has been reinstalled 3x.
Service.exe on server machine: 2021.06.19

Can you start the client on the same computer as the NCS service is running?

That client is working.
I have 2 machines:
(1st PC) full installation, server/service + client => good (local connection)
(2nd PC) client only installation, client is connecting to (1st PC) => error

Do a full installation on 2nd PC also. Prerequisites installed on 2nd PC.

I did it now, but no change.
Anyway, what are the most important changes in the new version?

Test the web client.
See the change log.

Updated to, works perfectly - thanks!

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Why did the new version’s installer remove the SSL settings in the config files? After adding back SSL setting “WebServerCertificate” and “WebServerCertificatePass”, NetcamStudio throws several .NET exceptions “The specified network password is not correct” followed by several “Object references not set to an instance of an object” (null references).

Yes, the deletion is a drag. It’s on the list to not happen. Do you use a self-signed or commercial certificate? It runs ok in normal http mode?

Hi Henrik. I use commercial certificate. It was fine with version 1.9.2 but causes exceptions with 1.9.5. Http is not a problem at all.

There are workarounds such as reverse proxies but I rather have version 1.9.5 recognise certificates like 1.9.2 did.

Thanks for fast feedback. There are several Libraries that are updated in NCS so I have to check if this can affect https.

Later this week, I can send you screenshot so you can see the .NET trace. If there are log files, perhaps you can direct me to the settings to produce the logs for me to send to you? For now, I will use an nginx server to act as reverse proxy.

Yes please. Where can I find the log file?

Solved the problem. After reading the log trace which read “Exception Detail: System.Security.Cryptography.CryptographicException: The specified network password is not correct.”, I realised what the issue was. It was trying to decrypt the certificate but the password in the config files were incorrect as they were overwritten after installing the latest version.

All working now!

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Updated 2 pc running 1 webcam each feeding my webcam server pc. Updated the webcam server pc. All is running like a charm. Good job, thanks a lot!

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