Netcam Studio 2 Saving exporting video files


I would love to be able to just right click on a video thumbnail on the desktop build and hit save file or export file. It is hard to go and find the file you need. Say you need a fast way to grab a few videos for say the police. On the android client there is a download but it is not working for me there. Right now if I need to save a file to a use drive or just my desktop I have to go to the folder and file it in the mess of files.

Maybe it is just me if it is can someone tell me how to do it from the server or client.



Hi Craig,
This one I have been fighting for of the same reason! Use the new web client where it works very well. I am not using the Android app, but I also just discovered that it do not work. I will report that asap.

Edit: it is not possible to make a download of a file in the mobile app so the button was there by mistake and will be removed ;). So use the web client.



Am I missing something ? I loaded up the client on 2 other PC’s plus on the server PC. If I open up the library and right click on a video the other thing there is REMOVE I can not see or find a export or download button for that video. This really need this bad as I setup a demo server for my clients I have IP camera systems setup for we have 100+ clients with only 200+ webcams. I can not demo this software till I can show them here is how you view the video and this is how you save the VIDEO without searching for the file in a folder of 1000’s of videos. Please help me understand how to do this. I just can not seem to find it. I am on the 2.0 build is that the problem? >


As I wrote earlier use the web client for that. Works very well. In the browser enter ip:8100 and you get the web client.
After a serch click on a video to play. In the lower right corner there is a download arrow. Or click on the info button on upper right corner of the screen and there will be a download button.


Sorry I mised the “Web Client” part I was thinking you where talking about the client program. Sorry. Is there any plains to add it to the server it’s self ? Where you right click and remove is there a way to hit save or export would be great.

Thanks for all your help I will show the sales team and hopefully we can team up on are camera leases and add this to are service. I will just a few clients and go from there depending on hope it works out for them.

Thank you Craig


No problems,
I am sure the your clients will love the web client. I do since it is so simple and excellent for user that not do these things every day. The windows client and NCS server is more for lets say the technical users for setting up etc. In the version NCS 1.5 he right click and remove is gone. That was not a secure solution. Now you select the recording and click on a separate button for deletion. On the side of that button an new download button will look very good. I just sent a question for a little download button also in the windows client. It would be excellent there :slight_smile:

Also, when you discuss new IP cameras make sure they support ONVIF and ONVIF PTZ if PTZ will be used. It will be so much easier for everyone.



Hi again,

Sometimes you are heard very quickly :slight_smile: In the new version you your little download arrow is also in windows client!




Great thank you so much…

I have one more request if possible. A way to backup / export import cameras and settings. This will be great for everyone. I need it because when we setup webcams we can set it up on a laptop there or from the office. Then when everything is working good and we get the end user to buy your software all we have to do is export from are demo and import it into there PC. I know this is not a thread for this but you got it done last time maybe you can get it done this time.

Also I have not looked into it much but is there a way to run the server as a system Service ?




all settings are in C:\ProgramData\Moonware\Netcam Studio\Server so that’s pretty straight forward.

and netcam studio service is also included when you install netcam studio so it’s also not a problem.


Hi Craig,
Today is your lucky day again :slight_smile:

1.Moving configuration from demo to a customers computer. This is actually quite easy.
a. first install NCS on the customer computer and do the licensing process and check that NCS is licensed correct. Exit NCS.
b.on the demo computer go to C:\ProgramData\Moonware\Netcam Studio\Server The folder ProgramData is by default hidden so make it visible first.
c.In that folder it should be

d.copy the 3 files (Netcam.Security, Rules and Server) within the red rectangle to the same location on the customer computer.
e.start NCS on the customer computer and you should have the same settings.
f.go to Settings and to the Library. You probably need to set the correct path to the Library on the customer computer.
g.if you set up NCS at your office you maybe have to change the configuration of each camera since the IP address and ports might be different.

So beware of where you have the demo computer and where the customer computer is located.

2.NCS running as a Service. Of cause that is possible.
a.Exit NCS completely.
b.go to Services and find Netcam Studio Server in the list default Startup type is set to Manual. If you want NCS to start automatically with Windows change to Automatic. on Start. Now NCS will start and run as a Service in the background. connect to NCS Service start the Netcam Studio Windows Client where you can do all the settings.
e.start also the web client by in the browser enter http://IP-address:8100 and you will be asked for login. That web client is excellent for users that are not so technically involved in the system.

Good luck and we are looking forward to many licenses :wink:

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More questions, you know where to find us.


Thanks we have it all working nice and able to demo cameras and even setup the owners cameras so they can see how it works for there setup. So they or there IT team can order key from you or have us buy the key for them. we are having a problem with High CPU on netcam. Maybe it will get better over time. We will be testing on higher end PC’s in the upcoming weeks.

Thanks for all your help.


Good news for all of us then :slight_smile: If you have a couple of HD cameras, use high FPS and really use the features of NCS it needs its CPU since a lot of decoding and re-encoding is going on. I don´t know anything about your setup, but generally an i5 or i7 quad core cpu will do a good job. But a high cpu load is usually no problem either. Can you say something about your setup in general?


Well On the demo laptop it is Windows 10 Dell - Inspiron 7559 Laptop - Intel Core i7 - 16GB Memory - 1TB+8GB Hybrid Hard Drive
But it is a laptop. We may just demo are office cameras from the office PC and show are end users the client side of things too. We are working on that. This is not a big deal right now for the office cameras we still let the cameras record and send via FTP using the cameras hardware right now as a backup.

We have a shopping shopping plaza with around 10 cameras we manage and been using that as a demo them and others as a demo. We hope to make some sales for you guys. But we been holding off from letting anyone buy it just yet. We where thinking when you have 2.0 released and everything is good we can get them to but keys. People don’t like change and we do not wont to have to go there to update software every time you release a new build I know they can update. But some end users are not that tech smart. We managed to get some home users to move to your software.

I was asking if there was a backup was because it is so easy to remove cameras or mess up settings bad and if someone or end user removes a camera. I need a easy was to tell them how to restore a back with everything setup the way we had it. A backup restore would be great in 2.0.

When I say High CPU it is like everything is fine for hours like 12 + Hours CPU around 38% 8 Cameras, Then it runs away after 12 hours it jumps to like 80+% CPU on netcam or running as a service. If we reboot it is fine it go’s back to 30 - 40 %CPU for the day. The laptop we used is high end and we removed all startup plus antivirus as it was only to be used for the cameras.


Can you please post here screenshots of the Peformance chart from the web client when you have such cpu usage changes.



This was a clean start and 8 cams about 68% cpu. Depending on what set of cameras I use some are higher. This was just off my home cameras. Office or shopping plaza cameras was much more. I am still playing with settings as the shopping mall was real high as it will always recording for the most part on all cameras. I don’t know if netcam will work in such a high traffic place. Not a problem if we where able to divide it up on mutable PC’s but we need to look at cost to use mutable software license keys as you can only use 1 key per pc. We are looking at cost vs NVR .


Thanks. On the chart we see Handles and Memory. Can you please let the system run and when you have this change in CPU take a screenshoot of that and paste here. Under the plot you have CPU Threads Memory Handles. Click on Memory and Handles and you will only have CPU and Threads left. Now we can see CPU usage better. Please make also another one as the above so we have the two.

In the plot below this one if there are some things going when the cpu usage change please send a picture of that too.

What cameras is it? 680x480 or is it 1080p or 1280p cameras?




CPU will vary if there are connected users, if motion detection is enabled and if sources are reconnecting.

If nothing of the above happens, the the cameras are “going to sleep” which means that netcam studio will disconnect them (and cpu will go down), as soon as there is 1 viewer of if motion detection runs then it will reconnect the camera.

In term of cpu the worse is when cameras are recording because not only the software is decoding the video stream but also recompressing to store the recording on hdd.

Are you sure that your differences are not related to change of status. To be able to efficiently compare the cpu usage then it must be in a stable and constant status. If during the test the status changes then cpu usage will accordingly change as well…


Well yeah some of it is. The shopping mall Cameras are always set to record and it is busy there. That is what I was saying about have an 16 key’s We may be better off with 8 + 8 so we can use to pc’s if we had to. That view was just from my home with just 8 cams if I connect to the shopping mall it gets high CPU fast and all the time. I will work on it more.


There is anway no 8-sources license it’s either 4 or 16.

Well with our prices this would make a difference of approx 10usd so we have reduced the number of possible choices.

But yes 16 can already be intensive especially if constantly recording. Then reducing recording FPS or resolution may help in term of cpu but at 25fps in high resolution then it requires some power.