NetcamStudio Crashes

Today I started to have problems with the Netcamstudio on the PC that I have installed and without making any modifications.
I can not start the program and every time I try it comes an error requesting to send a report. Trying to send it also gives error.
I tried unistall and fresh install and the problema still there
Attach screens and report
thanks and regards!

Hi Gabriel,
Not good! However, let´s dig in and see what´s wrong.
Thanks for the pictures. That problem must be fixed.
Another user have just now also crash problems for some reason. Netcam studio crashing

Some questions:
1.Was it a Windows update just before this happened?
2.Did the computer shut down due to a power failure or was it a restart or something that ended NCS in a non controlled way?
3.When you do a fresh install after such a crash you must remove all files. First, use the installation program and do a Remove. Then there are several configuration files that also must be removed. These files are probably causing this crash. Go to C:\ProgramData\Moonware\Netcam Studio and remove what´s in there. If you have the Library with files there that you want to keep, do a backup of these files. Then go to C:\Program Files\Netcam Studio - 64-bit and delete what´s left.
4.Now you can start the installation process again.

It is also interesting to see why it crashes so go thorugh the link Netcam studio crashing The important part here is the Event Viewer. If you can find the Error when NCS is starting, please make a picture of that and post it here or if you find something else of interest :slight_smile:

Good luck,

Hi Henrik! Thanks for your reply.

Now is working again. I have to delete the “C:\Users…\AppData\Local\Moonware_Studios” content.
In order to answer your questions:
1.- Nop
2.- Nop, just a regular restart
3.- I did a Remove Program from the Windows 10 “Add & Remove Program” app. Then I manually delete both foder that you mention. Finally I install it again but it doesn’t work.

When I delete the 2 folders inside “…\AppData\Local\Moonware_Studios” it start working again but with no cams, so I copy the backup folders and I restore the configuration.

Thanks again!!

Hi, thanks for info.
When you say just a regular Restart, did you Exit NCS first and then Restart or did you do a Restart with NCS running? Problem with Windows 10 and doing a Restart with running programs is that it END a program and if there are open files like in NCS it messes up these files.
It seems that you have NCS installed on several accounts? Just install it under an Admin account and it will works best.
However, happy it works again!