New router/modem and now very differcult to get onvif cameras to show in NetCam Studio

Hi Hendrik,
I have turned to you in the hope you may have some suggestions. This isn’t solely a Netcam Studio problem I am having because the same is happening for any 3rd party apps including ODM. I got a new Spark smart modem3 (new zealand) hoping it would fix my problems with internet dropping off at times. Since them I have struggled to get cameras to show up in Netcam studio in the device browser. I have at times managed to get a number of cameras to show up only to lose them all after I upgraded my security camera PC , which also now has windows 11. I have tried many things hoping I would stumble upon the answer. My cameras are a mixture of tapo cameras and a few are unbranded and on the lower price range end. Many of them worked when I had the old modem. I have between 9-11 cameras I have connected to Netcam studio and 3 that I can only view on my phone because they are cloud based solar powered cameras. My tech knowledge is very limited when faced with a problem like this. I ask you in case you may have any suggestion I could try or solutions. All of the lan devices show up in device browser in Netcam but I don’t know how i am able to connect them to netcam cilent to view on my PC. As I said i have a secuirty camera PC to run netcam studio and the new one I just brought is some much quicker and the specs are better so am looking foward to having it all work. thanks in advance for any help you can offer.

Read this guide and see if it solves some problems.


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It sounds like it could both your new Windows 11 firewall and your new modem inbuilt firewall settings preventing you to access your cameras.

The first step would be to disable firewall on your PC and modem on your internal LAN. Setup Netcam with all cameras and than gradually re-enable firewall on your modem (according to specs for your modem, it has multiple firewall levels) while making sure that cameras can continually communicate with Netcam PC.

BTW, your so called cloud only cameras should be be possible to connect with Netcam as well if you setup port forwarding on your modem/router.

All above maybe a difficult task for you to accomplish with minimal networking knowledge, however, it can be done. Perhaps, ask for help one of your geeky/techy friends or find/hire someone who can set this up for you trough remote access.

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