Onvif Eyeplus camera setup

Hello can you help me with setting up a new camera. It is a Eyeplus trying to set up with Onvif it has version 1.2. The only way I can get it to connect is by setting it as Top HDcam 201. I tried using the Onvif but it won’t pull up but the ip in the drop down says only but my camera is so I don’t know if that’s why. But as a Top Hdcam it pulls up the video but I can’t control the movement of the camera. Any idea would be appreciated Thank you

Read this guide My IP camera support ONVIF but it do not show up in Netcam Studio

Thank you will try it today

Can I ask you one question when you go to Onvif tab you can search but it only says Does that mean the camera needs to be one of those 24 because it won’t pull up mine is Also I used the app you said pulls it up no problem with bidirectional controls

Hi, means that the search is made on IP to Important is that computer and camera are on the same LAN which they are. Since NCS cannot see the camera use the guide.
Yes ODM usually finds it. From ODM use the onvif URL and paste it in the onvif tab. Do not use the browse button. Enter credentials and then you should have the profiles.