Question about Licensing

Hi all,

A month ago I have stumbled upon NetCam Studio and I am testing it eversince.
I have decided that I could live with this nice piece of software, but have a few questions.
1.As I understand once you pay for license it is yours for ever but cannot update after year or two.
2.What is the form of license? is it a number, or a fileor something else? Why? Because I will move my installation between several computers, and I need the feature to move a license between them as needed
So I will have multiple installations and only one active at the time.

Thank you for your answers

I am glad you like our software! To answer your questions:

  1. Not correct. There is no limitation on updating.
  2. The license key is long string of characters ending up in a file on the local computer together with other codes allowing you to run Netcam Studio offline. The licensing process includes the hardware that Netcam Studio is running on so a change of hardware will result in an invalid license. However, just send licens number to support and it will be reset for new activation. Here is a short tutorial that might assist you How to move Netcam Studio to another computer with a minimum of downtime


Excellent, thank you for your reply.

Just one more question…

If I install the software and the license on virtual machine, can I move it (VM) between hosts avoiding all the fuss with moving licenses?
Reason why… During summer months I will move to my summer house and I would like to monitor my “home”, but the rest of the year while I am home, I would like to monitor my summer house, and I don’t need both at the same time…


As long as configuration parameters are not changed it might work, but not sure. Test it.