Rebooting server lost settings


The flowing settings reset:

  • Source Order
  • Motion Capture Settings
  • Time Lapse Settings

How do I enforce a write of these settings so I can reboot?


If you run Netcam Studio as a Service Windows should close the program properly even at a Reboot. Running NCS X, blue icon, will have some configuration files open for read/write and if a reboot is made like a crash this can sometimes mess up these files. When NCS X is closed by an Exit these files are closed properly. One can do a manual Save of these files after a change by a click on the Save icon under Settings

However, if running NCS X on the Desktop I would recommend to do an Exit of NCS X before a reboot to be safe.


This is running as a Service. I clicked save where it was available and closed the Client. I expected the setting files to be updated. They were not - how do we raise a bug for this? I do not want to update my settings every time I reboot my server.

I specifically lost Sources Ordering, and camera settings (Motion Detection Detection Zones, Motion Detection Trigger Duration, Time Lapse Frame Duration, Time Lapse Frame Duration Unit, Time Lapse Encoding Method, and Scheduler).


I don´t believe this is a bug since I myself and other don´t have this issue. To work correct NCS use ports 8100, 8120 and 8124. Make sure nothing else is using these ports. I would also do a clean installation.


Just because you don’t think it’s a bug doesn’t mean it’s not a bug, Henrik. Just because you don’t experience it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

Those ports are open. It’s a clean install. How do I raise this as a bug?


-What OS are you running NCS on?
-You have been running NCS for some time and suddenly this problem started?
-Did Windows just made an update?
-Any more details that can help us recreate this is valuable.


Q. Server OS
A. Window Server 2016 Essentials

Q. Occurrence of problem
A. I’ve waited nearly 10 years for a good cheap RTSP compatible camera to replace my very aging Linksys WCV80N. Now that I have 4 Wyze v2 cams, I am testing NCS more thoroughly that I have before. This is as a prelude to purchasing a license.

Q. WIndows Update
A. No, Windows did not make an update. I had to power down the server for a hardware change.

Q. Any other details?
A. This morning I set the parameters again and quit NCS Client using the formal “Quit” option rather than just using the X in the corner. The server is currently turned off, but when I boot it back up I shall check the settings and let you know.


Thanks, I´ll forward this.


After the server was booted back up following a move, the following was found:

  1. One old source was removed - this reappeared
  2. One new source was added - this disappeared

Please pass these updates on.

Currently, if I want to keep the settings active for the server, it feels like I have to keep it running. This isn’t ideal.


I’ve never had this issue. Whether it be a planned reboot, or a hard reboot (loss of power), all settings and sources are as they were before the reboot…


I understand that you haven’t. I have, and am attempting to recreate the issue.


Further testing has confirmed that using NCS 1.7.2 I lose the following settings after a reboot:

  • Motion Capture settings
  • Time Lapse settings

I have tried the following:

  • Editing source details then going to settings, making a setting dirty, then saving
  • Closing the client using the X
  • Closing the client using Logout
  • Closing the client using Exit

Each reboot of the server was done at least 2 hours after adjusting the NCS settings.

Let me know if more logs or tracing is required.