Recording and auto start

Hi. I’m a long time WebcamXP/7 user and moved yesterday to Netcam Studio. How do I set Netcam Studio to start as a service when Windows boots. Also, how do I set certain cameras to automatically start recording when NS opens. In XP/7 I was able to go to the Recordings menu and check off which cameras should record 24x7 and want that capability in NS as well. Thanks!

For recording all the time, you have to use the scheduler. Select the recording icon and paint the full grid in red (can be done by clicking the upper-left corner to select all). This way this camera will constantly record.

For using Netcam Studio Service, I will create a new tutorial thread here with information extracted from the user manual.

Yes, this was good :slight_smile:
I done this like Steve tell us

Why Automatic Delayed start! Much better to set it to Automatic.