RTSP to Virtual camera (YUV RAW)



I am a member in a small Astronomy Club in Spain. I tested your Moonware Universal Source but I wouldn’t make it work as I wanted. Now we are testing Netcamstudio and we are not sure if it fits our needs. I will explain.

We need to be able to open a rtsp source and then broadcast the image to a “virtual camera” to use it on Ufo Capture software (meteor detection software). This software is a bit picky, and needs raw yuv output. So far, only VMIX has been able to provide such functionality, but it’s really expensive.

This is the demo version of Ufo Capture.


Do you think your software could solve our problem? If so, We will buy a license.

Juan Carlos


Hi there,

If you know the URL for the rtsp source you can add the camera using the tab for Custom URL.
To connect to Netcam Studio you use the URL
for the first camera. Have a look at this guide and the last two postings
How to connect one NCS server with another NCS server Output format is MPEG4 for video and audio.



Thanks I had managed to open the rtsp source, but I don’t know if it’s possible to create a virtual camera from inside NetCamStudio to be able to use it on other software.