Universal Source Filter


I’ve checked and about dialog display 5.0.2 but dll version really is 5.0.3, i will fix that.

You need to share at least the url to the edimax without the ip/host name so that we know about what url we are speaking about.

What would also help is connecting the stream in VLC and from there taking a screenshot of the “Media Information” tab to see if we are missing a codec or something in the recent ffmpeg versions.

Then is a stream cannot be decoded, there will be a little delay / freeze of the ui the time it disconnects the sources but it’s max 10 seconds normally.


As an alternative what you can also try is to unzip the content of this file:

in C:\Program Files (x86)\Moonware Universal Source Filter

This is the full GPL latest version of ffmpeg so for sure this one does not lack any codec since all the existing ones are included.

I’ve also just updated package so that it reflects 5.0.3 in about dialog as well otherwise it’s impossible to follow up and know precisely which version you’re using.


unzipping files to the folder no better result, webcam7 can’t disconnect edimax cam (source3). VLC stream info as follows

I don’t understand what you mean with “share the url to the edimax without ip/host name”. There is no problem connecting the camera with ddns. But if I post host and port here, everybody in this community can acces my cam. this I don’t want.

Please remind that power supply of cam 1-3 will soon end by timer.


I will send you a PM concerning the Edimax cam so I can test it on my system.


please excuse me, picture1 last post pc old (filter 4.5) with banner, picture2 pc new (filter 5.0.3). You can see in pictute 2 that resolution is 0x0 an it can’t be changed without hanging Webcam7 immideatly


Hi Henrik,

power supply of cam 3 is disconnected from 21.00 til 06.30 CET. Do you want that I change that now


I would be happy if I can take a look at the cam now if it is ok for you. Otherwise tomorrow. I have 25 minutes on me so reply PM.


Just a moment please, I stop the timer, than you will have about an hour til sunset. where can I find ypur PM?


It is sent to your mail registration address. Please read how to respond.


sorry, no mail from you. last mail i received is from steve at 19.21 (my time)


OK, sent another one. There might be a 10 min delay.

unlisted #34


Hi Henrik,

no mail received. I think that my registration address is right, because I received mails from Steve


Just tell me what address you use in the filter for this camera (remove the ip or host and replace by xxx).

something like:

anyway the media information already shows something really interesting, we are looking for a mjpeg stream now i need to know if it’s over http (so it’s somehow related to our internal mjpeg decoders) or rtsp (which may try to use ffmpeg’s mjpeg decoder) and for this i need you url (just hide the ip)


For that camera the alternatives are according to the Edmiax manual:


rtsp:// xxx.xxx.xxx./ipcam_mjpeg.sdp

Supporting Foscam FI9900P

can you try using:
rtsp:// xxx.xxx.xxx./ipcam_h264.sdp ?

I need to check why MJPEG streams over RTSP do not work, that has been reported recently in Netcam Studio as well.

Unfortunately I think I have no camera which provide mjpeg over RTSP to perform tests on my end.


I tried h264.sdp and h264s1.sdp. I couldn’t receive a picture


VLC can open all videostreams produced by cam3 edimax. The stream infom I posted was mjpeg


I could reconfigure one of my camera to send MJPEG over RTSP and it’s indeed not working in the filter so I will have a look if there’s something we can do but I had no freezing problems or unability to quit webcam 7 when I try to play with this stream (it’s just not connecting).