Using Q-See QCN8026B cameras?

I just tried to move eight working QCN 8026B POE 5MP cameras to NetCam Studio - but it can only find three of them, not the other five, and I’m pretty sure it’s some strange camera setting If anyone is familiar with how to set the IP on these, especially if they can be static, please let me know - the working three are registering with DHCP. For debugging the cameras and PC are all on the same unmanaged POE switch). I do know how to reset the cameras to default, but neither know what the default is it how to reset them… Any advice for a novice is welcome.

According to specifications the cameras support the ONVIF standard so you should find them when adding them to NCS using the tab for ONVIF Source and then click on Browse. To work properly in the long run you should set all cameras to use static IP.
How did you find three of the cameras?
Do you have a camera connected to NCS and working?
Login to the camera and make sure that ONVIF is enabled.
More info here My IP camera support ONVIF but it do not show up in Netcam Studio