VLC now requiring password


I have just upgraded to 1.3.5 and now when opening video from the client program on windows, VLC now requires a password. Is there anyway to stop this?


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Hi! If the user account you logged in with do not have permission to view this camera and you click on a video from this camera in the Library you will be asked to enter a login and password. So check the user account if something changed.

Same issue and I have made no account changes.

It looks like VLC is attempting to authenticate with the account ‘Anonymous’. How do I change the credentials in VLC?

Hi! Can you be a little bit more specific when that happens. Does it ask for password when you click on a file directly in windows explorer? Or is it when you are in NCS and try to open a file in the Library?

When I open the file from the Netcam Studio library. Double click file in library and VLC opens with a user/password box.

SOMETIMES - It seems that right after I open the client and double click a file it will work at times but after about 5 minutes then authentication is required. I don’t know what username/password VLC is using but I imagine it’s the one that I am connected with the client.

Yes, you are correct. If you enter the same login as when you enter the NCS you can view the video. Probably this comes from when you are in the web client and are inactive for some time the streaming shuts down and to have access to the functions in the web client you must login again. It is a token that control that.
In the windows client you can do everything else apart from viewing videos in Library. This is a little bit inconsistent I think. Either have access to everything or nothing and you must login again.
I think our expert @Steve should have a look at this.
Thanks for your help!

I don’t use the web client. I only use the software client and VLC both running on the same physical system as the server. I have no issue in managing the server with this client. The only issue I have is viewing the library using VLC on this same system.

If I close the software client and reopen it, VLC connects to the selected library video with no problem. After a few minutes it will require login authentication.

Yes, I understand and I can also confirm this. The same mechanism that controls the web client is also controlling the windows client when viewing Library files. However, this issue is directed to our developers @Steve for investigation.

Anything new on this one?

Yes, this should be fixed now. Please, download the latest official release. However, after a certain time of inactivity and you are still logged in it asks for password to the Libvrary. Entering login will get you access to Library.

I have the client up and running all the time and it’s annoying to need to log in every time I want to view a recording. Is there anyway to maintain the login; it worked this way when I first started using NetCam.

Have you this version



I’m having the same issue, with version, vlc asking for username and password, is there a fix for this, it is unworkable in current format. Just another point, this is whilst running the client on another machine.


Hi John!
Thanks. It is put forward to our developers for investigation.

This is also affecting me. I am being asked to authenticate WAY too much. If I could, I would enable a setting to DISable all authentication. Honestly this is so hard to use the way it is asking me all the time that it could be a “deal killer” on choosing this software for my system. The way it is working I would have to close and reopen the client dozens and dozens of times per day to get a new session started. I want to be able to leave the client open all day and flip over to it whenever I like.

I’ve looked through the settings but don’t see anything. Is there any other way to modify this behavior?

I think it is best to tell users to secure their workstation (or have a no-auth/re-auth option for those who wish to use it).

Just now, no. This is for security. However, a new version of NCS is soon to be released and this issue have be discussed there.