Webcam 7 Pro / Need template for camera

Hello, I have been using Webcam 7 pro for a while but every day it has been crashing. I finally figured out why it’s been crashing daily, it’s my camera Dahua IPC-HFW1320S. I have been using another Dahua template that’s already in the software and it was working but I believe it’s creating issues and crashing my software. I was wondering if you could build a new template for my camera? Dahua IPC-HFW1320S. I have it online with a username and password so you can log into it if you need to.

Thank you!

Hi Robert! Thanks for creating the topic.
I received the user name and password from our support. Your cam have been connected to my Netcam Studio in motion detection for some days now with no problems. Since you use another template and you get a video I do not think that a new template will solve the crashing problem. I have already a new template for your cam, but I would very much like to do some other things before. Otherwise the new template will crash your system also.

Webcam 7 was created for webcams and after that IP cams were added to the program. However, many new cams with megapixel sensors use another streaming protocol and more compression to reduce networks traffic. They use a system called h.264 that use more computer power than before. So to analyze the problem and to solve it I have some questions that I hope you can help me with.

  • what template do you use today?
  • in the configuration of the camera video encode mode was set to h.264H which have caused some problems in some applications. I changed it to h.264B which is the basic one. Can you please restart your program Webcam 7 Pro and see if that helps.
  • in the Task Manager, can you see if Webcam 7 use a lot of cpu load that can cause it to crash.
    an alternative is to use the video format MJPEG instead. The quality and the image size will be the same, but the traffic on you network will increase. That is maybe not a problem?
  • last is to move to Netcam Studio. This software is optimized to work with IP cams and the rtsp protocol that all the megapixel cams use. As I mentioned your cam have been running with no problems in my Netcam Studion for five days in motion detection with no problems.
  • do you have many cams connected?

Thanks for your help in advance and I am looking forward to solve this :wink:.

I noticed that you increased the resolution to 1920x1080 and now with h.264B. Do you still have the crashes every day or is it working better?

Well, it didn’t crash for 2 days but then this morning it was crashes again. Maybe I can lower the resolution to see if that helps.

Thanks for info. You must of cause be able to use the highest resolution. What template do you use and what is the Video preset?

Please send the ip address and username / password to both @Henrik and myself by private message.

We will give it a try.

How do I send a private message?

Hi Robert! Thanks, but we already have that information from our support.

I have connected your camera to my webcam7 pro and Netcam System here at my location and it have been running for many days now with no problems.

Can you please tell me which camera template you use and the video preset; rtsp, mjpeg or …

I am also interested to know what windows operating system you use.


I am using the template Dahua IPC-HFW5300CP-L, rtsp, Windows 10

Thanks! Can you change template to

and on the next page set Output/Resolution to Automatic. These settings worked fine for me. No strange things for at least 4 days.


Ok sure I just changed it, we’ll see how it works, I’ll let you know

This morning the program was crashed, but let’s wait another day to see if maybe it was just from changing the settings?

Hi, so it crashed twice already

Then I should say it is a problem with the installation of the program or the computer. I have been running webcam 7 pro and Netcam Studion with your cam for many days with no problem. Netcam Studio is much better to handle rtsp streams. I suggest:

  1. Deinstall and install webcam 7 pro and connect to the camera again and test.
  2. Install Netcam Studio and add the camera using Custom URL. If you install Netcam Studio I can guide you how to add the camera with correct parameters.

Do you have only one camera or more?


Also the issue is I just bough the license in January or Feb so I don’t have a netcam studio license

I just checked I paid $106 in September for the webcam 7 license

The licensing can always be solved. The important part is to get a program running with the camera without a crash every day. So I still suggest you do the above.

Ok I installed Netcam and have all my cameras running. If you give me the custom URL I can add the Dahua camera correctly. I have it running on my website so far.

Seems to be working nicely.

Looking good! Custom URL is

Stream Type is rtsp_tcp

I checked using the web client and mobile web client also! It´s raining again :disappointed: .